Griffith Airport personalities – Bob Campbell

Airport co-ordinator at Griffith airport for the past decade, Bob Campbell first started his career a long way away from the world of airports and airlines.

Bob was born and grew up in Broken Hill NSW and began his varied career as an apprentice motor cycle mechanic. Later he left that job and worked underground as a miner in Broken Hill.

Bob’s next move was quite a dramatic change of direction- to Sydney where he joined the NSW Police Force, trained to be a detective and attained the rank of Sergeant. After a long career in criminal investigation Bob retired from the police force in 2007.

The following year saw Bob making another startling change in career – a move to Griffith and a move into airport management.

In the years since 2008, Bob’s work with Griffith City Council has seen Griffith Airport growing and evolving into one of NSW’s leading regional airports. Over the past decade of Bob’s tenure, Griffith Airport has seen the opening of a new terminal building and significant growth in passenger numbers from 60,000 when Bob took on the role to over 80,000 in 2018.

To top it off, Griffith Airport has even seen the start of a new airline service by Regional Express – to Bob’s old home town of Broken Hill.

Airport co-ordinator Bob Campbell shows Simon Croce around the newly resurfaced runway at Griffith Airport in 2016. Picture: Stephen Mudd.

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