Griffith zooms up the charts

Top 40 position just a matter of time

The most recent statistics published by BITRE shows growth in passenger numbers through Griffith Airport continues unabated.

As at April 2019, annual passenger movements through Griffith Airport increased by 12.1% to reach an all time record of 83,900 for the year. This places Griffith as the 42nd largest airport in Australia, leaping ahead of larger regional centres like Orange and Mount Gambier.

The new Melbourne service operated by Sharp Airlines will add somewhere from 8,000 to 10,000 passengers to those existing numbers, likely putting Griffith into the Top 40 of Australian airport rankings.

Sharp Airlines Metro 23 – to Melbourne in one hour

In reality, that ranking isn’t very important. What’s important is that Griffith is finally reconnected to Australia’s other major metropolis. Whether for culture or business, Melbourne continues to challenge the role of Sydney for supremacy, and is likely to pull ahead very soon.

The new flights direct to Melbourne are a strategic asset for Griffith. It’s vital that everyone gets behind Sharp Airlines and ensures that this new service succeeds.

And even more importantly, think of the time you’ll save.

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