Sample Water Purchase Agreement

To design, build, finance, operate and transfer operators, removal, water treatment plant and transmission network to a bulk delivery point. Operators having the right to transfer the agreement to lenders – otherwise, do not assign operators without prior agreement to provide a certain amount of water to the agency – all surpluses can be sold to third parties. The water must be dosed and delivered to the buyer through a specific connection. The buyer is responsible for blocking the supply point to ensure that the water is not used by third parties and the buyer undertakes responsibility for all dosed uses, regardless of their use. Termination – In the event of operator failure, the Authority may take over and acquire the full right, title and participation of the company in the facilities and the project for the purchase price set in the schedule, as soon as it has given the financiers the opportunity to exercise their rights over the entities ( Tariff – Agency to pay the rate for mass water. The tariff should have two components: (1) Fixed payments – this is based on the capacity made available to the Agency. (2) Variable payments – This is based on the actual amount of treated water provided by the company to the Agency. This agreement is entered into by and between J LC and West Mountain Water Company as a seller (company) and Salem City as a buyer (Salem) for the intermediation of certain water rights, as stated in this regard.

Singapore, April 6, 2011 – PUB, Singapore`s National Water Agency and Hyflux Ltd, today signed a 25-year water purchase contract (EPA) for Singapore`s second and largest desalination plant through their wholly owned subsidiary Tuaspring Pte Ltd (Tuaspring). A simple and clear agreement – could be used for civil or common law jurisdiction. Designed to comply with Law 6957 (Philippine Bot Law). Clear specifications and performance standards. This water purchase agreement (“contract”) for the sale and purchase of water was entered into on July 26, 2016 to come into effect to the extent authorized by applicable legislation (the “effective date”) of and under Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc., a Nevada company (hereafter referred to as “buyer”), Rocky Mountain High Water Company (hereafter referred to as “buyer”) and Rocky Mountain High Water Company. , LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware (hereafter referred to as “seller”).