Silhouette Studio License Agreement

Don`t worry about turning off if your computer crashes. If you need another access to your license key, Silhouette America`s customer support should be able to reset it. SILHOUETTE AMERICA, INC. (“Silhouette America®,” “we,” “unser”) makes our site available to you (to the user) (, “Silhouette Design Store,” “Service”) subject to these terms of use, which may be modified from time to time at our discretion, with or without notice. The use of Silhouette America® website, now or in the future, indicates the adoption of the current terms of use. You agree to comply with all terms of use, as they may change from time to time. Silhouette America® may offer other services that may be regulated by additional or other conditions. Thank you very much for your publication. It saved me a lot of time looking for my studio design card. You acknowledge that all digital content at silhouette Design Store is protected by the U.S. and international copyrights owned by Silhouette America® or its licensees. Silhouette America® grants you a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive right and a license to use the digital content you download in accordance with the Terms of Use.

This right and licence is limited to your personal use, unless this right is extended by obtaining a commercial licence, as explained in the Commercial Exploitation Directive. They recognize that all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights are protected by U.S. and international copyrights owned by Silhouette America® or its partners or licensees. Access to our site does not license individuals under silhouette America`s intellectual property rights® or third parties. In the event of termination or termination of subscription, unused subscription credits expire. Each subscription can be terminated after a three-month period with no cancellation fee. If a subscription is terminated before the three-month expiry, the cancellation fee is three monthly subscriptions minus the payments already made. You can cancel your subscription by logging in to your Silhouette account and visiting the “Subscription Tools” section of “Account Settings.” For more information on cancellation, see this section. If it`s a license number you`re looking for, it`s just license keys paid for higher versions of the software. The key (number) will be on the card you bought, or if you found it on a website, you should probably receive it by email. If you (the person presenting an idea to Silhouette America®) think your idea has considerable commercial value, or if you expect Silhouette America® you to compensate for the idea, you must obtain a written agreement signed by a licensed corporate employee before ® the idea of Silhouette America. There are two ways to search for updates: use your Silhouette software or manually download the update.